About Us

It is undeniable that our favorite memories are made at home, with the love and comfort of our family. 

That is what inspires Game Room Bunker to provide the most fun and entertaining amenities to make your home, the best home it can be! 

Owner Ewan, grew up in a home where parents taught him and his siblings the importance of spending quality time with family and friends at home which became the inspiration for Game Room Bunker.

Offering a wide range of high-quality products, Game Room Bunker is completely invested in helping YOU create your perfect haven.

At Game Room Bunker, free delivery, top-rated customer service, and "easy on the wallet" prices, are just a few of the distinguishable factors that separate us from the rest.

Game Room Bunker is created on the belief that everyone deserves to feel like a King and Queen, especially in their home.

At Game Room Bunker, we take pride in giving the lowest prices and caring for our customer's satisfaction, to allow you to create an environment at home that is ultimately invaluable.

Game Room Bunker welcomes everyone warmly and wants to firmly state that under no circumstances should anyone hesitate to call or email us if needed.

Thank you for stopping by, now let's create some more memories!